For a more comfortable indoor climate

Cool in summer - warm in winter

We have all experienced over the summer the air inside a window heated by the sun, for example a cab on a forest machine even up to 50 degrees and then reduced physical performance significantly.

With sunscreen Solar-Screen reduced radiant heat from the sun by up to 75%

Reduces reflections and glare

At some point we have all experienced annoying reflections / glare on the computer screen or television. After a short while, you know how hard it is for the eyes and how much you have to concentrate to be able to see the screen / television.
Our window films reduces reflections / glare screens and removes up to 99% of UV strålningnen. You get a much more comfortable indoor climate and your eyes and protected like you are wearing sunglasses.

Tailored to your measurements

We manufacture blinds for your windows for a perfect fit. We can also skew cut and round cut curtains.

We work primarily with solar film, but may also provide other types of film or cloth. Upon specific requests were please contact us so we can help you.

SOLAR-SCREEN is a cassette mounted roller blind with built-in stop function, mainly suited for buildings, but can also be used on ship bridges and in machine cabines where windows are wider than the CABIN-SCREEN maximum recommended width. The recommended maximum width of this product is 250 cm


The cassette is made of durable aluminium. The white colour and the sleek design makes it fit in well with window frames.  Also available in black The roller blind can be automised with a motor.




Ultraviolet rejection             99%

Solar energy rejection          72%

Glare reduction                       95%



Ultraviolet rejection           100%

Solar energy rejection         72%

Glare reduction                      95%



Ultraviolet rejection             99%

Solar energy rejection          83%

Glare reduction                       98%



Ultraviolet rejection             99%

Solar energy rejection          52%

Glare reduction                       92%