We manufacture roller blinds according to Your measures and wishes

Improve your indoor environment

Haven't we all experienced on a hot summer's day, how the air behind a window is heated up by the sun? As an example, the temparature  in a confined space like a forest machine cabin can reach up to over 50 degrees celsius which leads to reducing the physical working capacity of the driver a great deal.


SOLAR-SCREEN roller blinds reflects up to 75 %  of the sun's radiation heat and protect the eyes as if wearing sunglasses.

Machine cabins

Boats & ships

Home & buildings

Special request

Cool in summer - warm in winter

With Solar-Screen's sunshade roller blinds you can save energy the year around. They cool the air during the summers and reduce heat loss in the winters.  

Protects the interior and sun sensitive materials from UV-rays up to 99% 

Tailored to your measurements

We manufacture the roller blinds according to your measures and wishes so you can get a perfect fit for your window. 

We can also cut the sides of the roller blinds either straight or tapered.